Our favorite job in the world ... is handcrafting stamps, seals and items to order.

It is also one of the most captivating applications for our customers:
ordering something unique, made exclusively for yourself.

Whether it's a set of stamps for invitations, a sealing wax seal with your own design,
a pair of initials made with that unobtainable character, a press to emboss a name
on the paper, a stamp from one's own design ... it is always a unique emotion !!!

To order a custom object you need to contact us, often send a file or agree on its preparation,
ask for a quote. Once the work has been defined and an estimate has been obtained,
how to order it, since - obviously - it is not in the catalog?
Maybe adding other standard items as well?

You can do this with the "Add Special Estimated Item" function which you can access
from the cart summary window, as you can see in the figure below:
(sorry the static text in the images is in italian but... you can figure it out and, in case, write us!)

After clicking "Add special quoted article" this window will open where you can enter the quote number and the email address where you received it, (for the quote to be recognized by the system, these data must be correct. If you have lost or forgotten them, you can request them by writing to info@stamping.it).

In this window you can view the details of the quote before confirming the inclusion in the cart. You can always change your entry before going to the cashier.

As you can see, your special item in this example has been added to the cart and can be treated exactly like a standard item, while taking advantage of the reduced shipping costs that are reserved only for orders placed via the cart.
Now you can continue by adding or deleting items, or complete your purchases by going to the checkout.

For any further information: info@stamping.it
And now come on: become the Author of your Footprints and ... Happy Stamping !!!