Would you like a customized stamp for you? We can make the stamp that identifies you! Impronte d'Autore personalize your stamps with texts, drawings, logos and signatures.
Send us a file, as long as it is in black and white with a somewhat high resolution (300 dpi or higher).
Always write the size you want so that we can check the size of the drawing we receive.

The file can be sent to:

You can also choose any of our stamps, indicate the code and the text you want to add, the desired size and ... we'll take care of the rest!

We will send you a quote that you can use - if you like - to place an order online, possibly together with other standard items. You can do this with the "Add special estimated item" function which you can access from the cart summary window.

NEW: From today we can print the design on the back of the stamp, even if it is a unique copy and - if you want - also a dedication on one of the sides of the wooden block: just indicate it in the email with which you send us the file.

Design, invent, dare with Impronte d'Autore and ... Happy Stamping !!!