30C2 Markers DecoGel 1.0 - Milky Way - Set 10 pcs

Gel pens for decoration, drawing and calligraphy; work perfectly on light and dark papers as well as colored papers with watercolors and water-based markers (such as the Brushmarker PROs), on surfaces such as glass, foil, metal, acrylic-coated stone and markers containing acrylic colors (such as the Pigment Decobrush). They are precise tools for creating work filled with subtle detail and light shading, such as calligraphy, bullet journaling, scrapbooking and mandalas. High hiding power. The opaque, pigment-rich, dense water-based inks of the Deco Gel 1.0 pens provide a smooth line, do not bleed across, are water resistant (on paper) and lightfast.

15,50 €