STELLA Stamp Platform

Stella is the ideal tool for inking the stamp many times to get an excellent ink coverage, layered stamping design and to repeat precision stamping on many cards, by few steps:

- Fix your paper or cardstock on the base board with magnets
- Position the stamps where desidered
- Close and press the lid to pick up the stamps
- Open the lid and ink the stamps
- Close the lid and apply pressure to get the desidered result
- Reink multiple times for perfect results

Easy and precise, Stella is ideal either for clear stamps and for rubber stamps; allows you to stamp in the same position as many times as you want!
Specially designed spring pillars for different thickness of stamps: from 2,3 to 8,5 mm!
Working area: A5 (8,65"x6,5"   22 x 16,5 cm)
3 open sides are designes to let you work with cardstock exceeding the board size!
Useful grid for the correct positioning of the stamps.
Measurement in both metric and imperial.

Additional magnets available for extra stamping precision, here.

24,90 €