KATP559-25 Artist-Tac

Grafix Artist-tac™ is an adhesive that only goes where you want. Made up of two protective liner sheets that pull apart to expose the double sided micro adhesive dots. It works by transferring a super fine layer of adhesive dots, ensuring full edge to edge coverage even on small, irregular shaped items.

Quick and easy to use
No mess
No odor
Acid Free
Initially Repositionable, once burnished becomes permanent
Offers edge to edge coverage
Works well with translucent surfaces
Requires no tools

Artist-tac is easy to use; just pull apart the liner sheets, place desired photo or cut out shape onto the micro dots, pull away with just the adhesive you need.  Initially repositionable, once the final piece is burnished it becomes permanent.

Great for quick, mess free mounting of photos, paper/card stock, plastic and more. Use with all your craft, art, scrapbook, stationery, office and school projects.

15,90 €