Our deepest vocation is to craft rubbers stamps, papers, seals and customized items.

That's also one of the most intriguing opportunities for our Clients: to have something unique, hand-made exclusively for you...

To get a set of stamps to make your wedding invitations, a seal engraved with your own design, a press to emboss a name or a design on the paper, a stamp with your logo... can be a great emotion!

To have an item made on order you can e-mail us, send a file or describe and define it's preparation, get an estimate.
Once you get your estimate, how can you order it, since - obviously - it's not available in our on-line catalog?

You can do it with the function "Add a special estimated item" that you will find in the Chart listing window, as you can see in the picture below:

After clicking "Add a special estimated item" you will get this window, where you will be able to insert the number of your estimate and the e-mail you have used to get it. The system will manage your estimate only if these data are correct. If you have forgot or lost them, you can ask for them writing to info@stamping.it.

In this window you can see your estimate's details before inserting it in the chart. You will anyway be able to modify its insertion before checking out.

As you can see, your special item in this example has been added to your chart and can be managed exactly like any standard item.
Now you can go ahead completing your order, or go to the Cash and send it.

For any further info: info@stamping.it
And now, let's be the Author of your Prints and... Happy Stamping!!