How to add items to an order:

To add items to an order already entered as a Reseller, a new order must be entered. Due to how production and warehouse are organized, all orders involving material or production movements must go through the site's ordering system.

    If the previous order has not yet been billed and / or invoiced, we will prepare the new order and make a single shipment and invoice.

    If, on the other hand, the previous order has already been billed and / or invoiced, we will have to manage the new order separately.

    If the additional order cannot be combined with the previous one and does not reach the minimum billable, we will try to manage it anyway but only by advance bank transfer. If this procedure is not compatible with your accounting, please ask for confirmation on the status of the initial order before entering the additional one.

For us it is important that your shopping experience (and sales ...) is the best possible: therefore we work to perfect the procedures trying not to sacrifice the flexibility necessary to make it so.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further info and ... Happy Stamping !!!