1. The Impronte d'Autore Class Voucher can be used to attend a 3 hours stamping or scrapbooking class to be booked as described below.
2. it must be used within the printed expiration date (1 year from purchase).
3. It must be used by the beneficiary in person, with a valid ID.
4. It can't be refunded. It can esclusively be used to attend a class in the Impronte d'Autore stores listed.
5. To use it you must book in advance the class, calling the store or sending a mail with the beneficiary name and the voucher number.
The class availability varies continously; the owner of a Class Voucher can have a  privileged booking.
If the class is not available, we'll help you to find the first available one. You don't need to be an advanced user to attend our classes. Only "advanced classes" can require the students to have had a basic class before, and this is indicated in the class description. Usually you don't need to bring anything: only for Scrapbooking classes you must bring your pictures to be used.
6. If you can't attend, for any resons, to attend a class you have booked, please tell us 10 days before at least
: we'll move your booking on another class of your choice. If you cancel less than 10 days before we could be unable to move the booking.
7. For any info please write to info@stamping.it or call: +39 02 8322195.

Negozio di Milano:
Via Pio IV, 3 - Tel. 02 8378416             negozio-milano@stamping.it
Negozio di Genova-Sestri P.:
Via Ghiara 32-34/R - Tel. 010 4032096 negozio-genova@stamping.it