How to use an Impronte d'Autore Gift Certificate:
1. The Impronte d'Autore Gift Certificate can be used to buy on-line on the web site or in the Impronte d'Autore stores listed below.
2. It must be used within the expiration date (1 year from purchase).
3. It can be used by the designated beneficiary only. The beneficiary has got to be identified thru the e-mail address for the shopping on-line or a personal ID in the Impronte d'Autore stores.
4. It can't be refunded in cash. It can only be used to buy products within the validity period.
5. It must be used in a one-time purchase, and it can't yeld a change. If the purchase value exceed the Certificate value, the difference can be paid with any mean of payment accepted by the store or by the web-site.
6. You can ask any questions writing to or calling +39 02 8322195.

On line orders:
1. You can make a regular order. The name and e-mail of the Beneficiary on the voucher must be the same of the on-line order.

2. The order total will be re-calculated deducting the whole Voucher value.

To buy in the Impronte d'Autore stores who participate to the system:
Show the voucher and a ID of the beneficiary.

The vouchers can be used in the web-site and in the following stores:
Negozio di Milano:
Via Pio IV, 3 - Tel. 02 8378416
Negozio di Genova-Sestri P.:
Via Ghiara 32-34/R - Tel. 010 4032096

If the Credit Card payment is not successfull at first:
You can recall the payment window clicking here.